A Selection of Securities

We’ve got you and the market covered.


As one would expect, JC Rothchild General is able to provide clients with access to the highly-liquid markets in the world’s advanced economies. These markets have the benefit of full transparency and world class governance so investors can rest assured that their holdings are protected by tight regulation.

We also provide unrestricted access to bourses in the emerging economies of Asia and Latin America. These exciting markets are fast-approaching maturity but there is lots of activity with new IPO listings in fascinating, innovative companies occurring on a regular basis. Our agreements with local partners guarantee full access and, in most instances, we’re able to offer trade settlements in 1 business day for those of our clients who wish to trade on short-duration basis. Of course, our partners are all fully governed by local regulators.


JC Rothchild General secures access to the world’s bond markets for our clients through bond funds. Bond funds are pooled investment vehicles. This means that many investors pool their funds to facilitate greater purchasing power that can buy large amounts of, in this case, bonds and other fixed income assets.

All bond funds we use are scrutinized carefully to ensure that they do not deviate from their prospectuses and that they do not charge unreasonable management fees. JC Rothchild General is able to offer bond funds specializing in US, European and Asian corporate and sovereign bonds and fixed income assets through a number of highly-respected providers.

Mutual funds & ETFs

These assets are pooled investments whereby a large number of individual investors pool their resources through a provider to gain access to securities that they might not be able to access conveniently owing to barriers to entry like minimum holding sizes or other factors. We invest in fixed income securities like sovereign and corporate bonds using pooled investment products but many other securities can be owned this way too.

Other securities include commodities like tin, sugar, cocoa, gold, oil, gas as well as equities, index funds and funds that concentrate on particular industrial sectors like utilities, energy, mining, water and many more. Indeed, for any area to which a client wishes to gain more exposure, there is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund that can accommodate his or her needs.