Privacy Policy

Client and visitor privacy is of the highest importance to us here at JC Rothchild General. Consequently, this privacy policy has been prepared to help you to understand how we gather, disseminate, store and make use of personally identifiable information. Several core rules govern our treatment of both visitors and their information:

  • Either before or at the time of asking for your personal information, we will provide you with the reason(s) for requesting it.
  • Personal information we gather is always used strictly for the purposes we declare. Any deviation from that use will only be permitted after we ask for and obtain the consent of the individual concerned or in instances where applicable law compels us to do so.
  • JC Rothchild General is committed to the fair and lawful collection of personal information and, where warranted or necessary, always does so with the full knowledge and/or consent of the individual concerned.
  • JC Rothchild General secures personal information using proprietary methods and employs recognized technological solutions some of which may be provided by third parties.
  • Personal information that JC Rothchild General needs to retain over the long-term is secured within storage facilities protected by military grade encryption some of which are operated by third party providers. These providers do not have access to the information. These facilities are protected by strong and effective firewall technology and encryption algorithms.
  • JC Rothchild General maintains a strict “need to know” policy regarding employee access to our clients’ personal information. Employees that need access to personal information are expected to undergo additional training that ensures they are fully trained to preserve the privacy and integrity of such information and prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, duplication or modification.