How We Deliver Results

Flexible and highly supportive facilities for the discerning investor.

Expertise for any time horizon

Regardless of your time horizon for remaining invested or how sophisticated you are as an investor, JC Rothchild General is able to cater to your unique needs ensuring that your relationship with the global financial markets is profitable and rewarding.

Investment & Wealth Management

Particularly suited to those clients with little previous experience with the markets, our Investment and Wealth Management service has the valuable benefit of giving them the peace of mind associated with knowing that the routine, everyday investment decisions are being handled by qualified, experienced professionals. Our portfolio managers know the significance of diligently balancing risk against reward in their efforts to build additional capital and/or generate increased income while protecting existing wealth. We will ask you to authorize us to execute these transactions on your behalf while respecting your risk tolerances.

Global Brokerage

Thanks to the efficacy of our research teams and our involvement in several high profile technology IPOs in recent years, JC Rothchild General attracts a significant number of investors who have varying levels of experience and knowledge of investment matters. We’ve concentrated on incorporating unprecedented flexibility into our brokerage/execution service. To the seasoned investor, it represents an additional layer of flexibility and global market access that few of our competitors can equal.