Trust In Our Experience

Strategy designed and implemented by market veterans.

Bringing it all together

Having assessed your unique individual circumstances and clearly demarcated your objectives, JC Rothchild General begins the practical task of implementing and maintaining your investment strategy. Our discovery tools will have identified your risk aversion and we will have agreed what assets and securities we will use to help bring about lasting financial wellbeing.

Equipped with your conditional authorization, our portfolio managers will diligently deploy your capital across the various asset classes that we’ve agreed upon. This will not always happen at once since they may have to wait for the most opportune times to enter a particular market but, nevertheless, we will keep you apprised as to when your investment portfolio is fully constructed.

We will choose the best times to buy or sell securities while you continue with your life as usual. We’ll schedule regular meetings with you (or your representative, as applicable) with a view to keeping you up to date with the portfolio’s performance. Occasionally, we may need to tweak the composition of the portfolio to reflect a greater weighting of some assets relative to others but such operations will be discussed with you at meetings prior to execution.