Proven Investment Methodology

Core principles underpin every successful investment approach.

Personalized assessment

JC Rothchild General’s approach to wealth management hinges on the exploration of every client’s individual situation, personal objectives, financial obligations and willingness to tolerate risk. Ultimately, the exercise is highly unlikely to succeed if all bases aren’t covered.

Constructing a strategy

Once we know who and what we have to work with, in keeping with our collaborative approach, we construct a strategy capable of succeeding while making allowances for individual circumstances; so whether your primary goal is capital accumulation or income generation, the bespoke strategy will always work with you.

Focused on your objectives

Everything JC Rothchild General does is focused on how it benefits you. We assemble consummate professionals in fields ranging from research right through to portfolio management and arm them with the latest technologies and a singular base directive, namely ensuring that you achieve your objectives.

Proven methodology

JC Rothchild General uses proven methodology like asset allocation and diversification to complement the core strategy your portfolio is based on. All our administrations take your tolerance for risk and time horizon into consideration. By doing this, we aim to justify the presence of each and every security held in your portfolio.